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Monday 1 February 2016

Stick Man, Now available on DVD

One of my highlights this Christmas was settling down to watch Stick Man with my girls.  From today, you can now enjoy this classic animated story on DVD to share with your family all year round.   Stick Man is out on DVD, courtesy of Entertainment One.

Stick Man is the latest of Julia Donaldson's children's stories (and Axel Scheffler's amazing illustrations) to be adapted for an animated adventure. And an adventure it is...Stick Man is the tale of a stick who, due to a series of unfortunately timed events, ends up a long way from his home and his loved ones who are waiting for him in the family tree.

Stick Man's travels take him through a park with a dog, along the river to a swan's nest, across the ocean, washed up on a beach and eventually he is left, unconscious on a fire. Just when you think it's too late, a surprise visitor disturbs him - Father Christmas! Stick Man struggles but he does, eventually, find his way back to the family tree.

I've always found Stick Man to be a struggle to read (when compared to the magical rhyming wonderousness of the Gruffalo and Room on the Broom) and yet this animated adaptation of the book really brought the story to life for me and made me realise where I'd been going wrong trying to read it. He's Stick Man, he's Stick Man, he's Stick Man, you see!

Stick Man himself is voiced by Martin Freeman of Sherlock fame. Throughout the tale you can also listen out for Hugh Bonneville, Jennifer Saunders and Rob Brydon.

Both of my girls have been absolutely captured by the magic of Stick Man and ask to watch it every day. As the story travels through all of the seasons, I don't see this movie being limited to the wintery months and I think it will have year-long appeal for my girls.

On the DVD of Stick Man you will also find behind the scenes footage and live footage of Julia and Axel as well as special artwork from Stick Man.

If you have a little stick man fan then why not print off this fun activity sheet. Click on the image to open a full sized printable version.

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