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Saturday 13 February 2016

What We're Watching - Youtube Kids

Lara and Holly got a PC from Father Christmas which means that they haven't been using their tablet so much as they used to.  There is, however, one thing that the tablet really does do best - it gives the girls access to YouTube.

I'm fairly relaxed about most things tech-wise when it comes to the girls but YouTube scares me - partly because I just don't understand the kid need to watch other people playing games (gah!) but mainly because I watch Lara using YouTube in a browser and see her so quickly drift from one topic to another without any ability to pre-screen the content for suitability.  The YouTube kids app for our iPad (and Android) has remedied much of my worry because it limits access to only content which has been deemed suitable for kids.

Right now, there isn't anything equivalent to the YouTube kids app in the windows store for PC (I'd love it if there were) so I kindly request that Lara limits her video watching to only take place on the tablet!

Lara's current favourite shows to watch on YouTube kids are:-

* Oggy and the Cockroaches (slapstick animation featuring a cat who is bothered by a pair of naughty cockroaches)

* Masha and the Bear (a tale of a cute but very cheeky little girl who lives with a bear that seems weighed down by the challenges of looking after her!)

* Searching for anything related to Emperor Penguins as she has been studying their lifecycle at school recently.  The educational menu in the YouTube kids app was one of her starting places for finding out penguin facts.

You can search for inspiration in the YouTube Kids app by looking at the "Popular This Week" playlist which lists the shows that lots of other users are watching.
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