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Tuesday 9 February 2016

Essence of Arcadia Pebble Aromatherapy Diffuser Review

Since I started using Essence of Arcadia aromatherapy essential oils back in December, I've really enjoying making my own blends of essential oils for use in the bath, or for use in an oil burner to scent the room.  Until now, I'd never tried using essential oils in an aromatherapy diffuser but Essence of Arcadia have just launched two stylish luxury aromatherapy diffusers and I couldn't wait to try one out.

The Pebble diffuser from Essence of Arcadia distributes the scent of your essential oils evenly through a light mist of water so that they fill your room with scent and you get the full benefit of the relaxing or invigorating properties of the oils for upto 8 hours at a time.

To work the diffuser, you fill the inside with water and then add a couple of drops of one or more essential oils.  You place the lid on top, plug it in and press the button to start it up.  The diffuser gently agitates the water so that the oil and water mix evenly and then it generates a fine mist which is dispatched from a small hole in the top of the diffuser.  You can set it to work constantly, or just to dispatch a mist intermittently.  I've found it so easy to use and it is so much less stressful than using an oil burner!  Less cleaning and less worrying about whether the oils will dry up.  I'm also happy with the level of scent which is gentle enough not to overwhelm me (which burning oils can do sometimes) and yet the scent really does fill the whole room when the diffuser is working.

Essence of Arcadia Pebble Aromatherapy Diffuser

The Essence of Arcadia pebble diffuser looks like a highly shaped and polished wooden container but it is actually plastic - its very realistic and looks very smart in my bedroom where all of the woodwork is a similar colour.  The diffuser arrived in a beautiful luxury presentation case with instructions, a jug for filling it with water and also a set of three favourite aromatherapy oils - lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus.  You'll also receive a little book of aromatherapy recipes and some juicy discount codes.

One of the features I most like about this aromatherapy diffuser is not one that I was expecting.  The light.  I hadn't expected to want my aromatherapy diffuser to light up like a disco but in fact the gentle glow of the colour-changing light, along with the rhythmic hum of the diffuser as it works its magic is incredibly relaxing and in a dimmed room the light has an additional soothing effect.  You can switch it off if you want though!

Because this aromatherapy diffuser is so easy to use, and to empty, I'm expecting to use it a lot more frequently than I have used essential oils before.  I'm planning on using it for chilling out when I get home after a busy day at work, for waking me up on a lazy weekend morning, and for helping me zone out and relax after an evening run.

The Pebble aromatherapy diffuser is one of two luxury designs at Essence of Arcadia and is currently on offer for £49.99.
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