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Thursday 25 February 2016

Mothers Day Craft Activities for Kids

With Mother's day fast approaching, I've been helping the girls get in the mood (it can't hurt to drop a few hints!).  The girls have been creating a few Mother's Day themed crafts using kits from Yellow Moon - our number one stop for craft kits and art activities.

Both Lara and Holly had great fun making these Mothers Day Rosette Badge Kits which cost £3.49 for a set of 6 different designs.  The kits are easy to create as they are made up of foam pieces which stick together. The last piece of the puzzle is a small badge clip which you stick into place -we've had mixed results with these actually staying on because the badge itself is a little too heavy.  Thankfully the girls aren't insisting that I wear the badges but I am under strict instructions to display them proudly on my desk at work.

Next up are these lovely Mothers Day sand art pictures.  If you've never tried sand art then I highly recommend it.  It feels so much more adventurous than colouring a picture but essentially that's what you're doing... colouring with sand.  Yellow Moon sell big packs of 8 different colours of sand which are incredible value at £10.99 because. if you catch all the run-off carefully so that you can re-use it, these tubs last for AGES!  Sand art is still a bit tricky for Holly but Lara very much enjoys it as she likes to think hard about the colours she wants to use.

Other than a card or a rosette, its nice to receive a little gift from the girls at Mothers Day.  Last year Lara very thoughtfully bought me a jewellery holder from a stall at school but this year maybe she might even make me one with these fun hand-made Jewellery Hands that you can paint or colour in yourself to hold rings, bracelets and necklaces. These come in a pack of two for £2.49 so I'm hoping both Lara and Holly can create me one.

Don't forget that you can earn between 5% and 20% cashback for your school on most Yellow Moon purchases.
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