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Sunday 7 February 2016

#StreamTeam My Own Mini Glitter Force

Over the Christmas holidays Lara and Holly discovered a new series on Netflix quite by accident - Glitter Force.  I have no recollection of how they stumbled upon it (Lara is in charge of the TV remote these days) and I know that if we had asked the girls if they wanted to see something new, they'd have moaned and whinged; they are creatures of habit and take a lot of convincing to watch anything new.  But it happened, and we haven't looked back.  Glitter Force is the new number one favourite show in the Mellow household - it is a Netflix original series that the girls have fallen in love with.

Glitter Force is a Japanese anime series about a group of high school girls who turn out to have magical skills - just the set of skills needed to defeat an evil emperor in a magical world where fairy tales and real life live alongside one another.  The animation is gloriously traditionally Japanese filled with cutsie characters, big wide smiles and cringe-worthy dubbing into American-English.  It reminds me a lot of animations I watched as a child and I understand completely why Lara and Holly instantly fell in love with the Glitter Force.

Lara and Holly have both taken Glitter Force into their playground games with friends - arguing over who gets to be the "blue one" or the "green one".  I think they enjoy the sparkly girliness of it (the Glitter Force get their skills by finding magical charms and putting them into their make-up compact) but this is mixed with strong images of girls taking on the world and blasting evil away with their moves!

At the end of every episode of Glitter Force there is a musical number where the members of the team come together.  Lara is very taken by the theme music and the pop songs in Glitter Force.

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