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Tuesday 1 February 2011

A Bite At Nursery - How Would You React?

A fortnight ago, shortly after Lara started at nursery, I witnessed a heated exchange between a member of nursery staff and a distraught mother whose child had been bitten by another toddler. After exclaiming "Oh.... My... gawd", the woman burst into tears before then launching a tirrade of abuse at the staff. "Tell me who did this" (they can't), "I demand to speak to the parents" (err, you can't), "I demand that the child be disciplined" (err, they're one year old).

As I left the nursery that night, I chatted to Mr. B. about how we would have reacted if it had been us. Was this woman overreacting? Is there anything you can do to prevent toddlers biting one another? surely we all learned that biting is a bad thing to do ourselves through biting (and being told off) or being bitten (and it hurting)? Should I be worrying more about this?

Yesterday, I found out how I would react. I received a call at work and it went something like this:-

Nursery: "Mrs Button, Lara was bitten by another child. They
was a disagreement over a toy."

Me: "OK"

Nursery: "We put a cold compress on it but we think it
will bruise."

Me: "OK"

Nursery: "The staff have spoken to the other child and
have explained to them their behaviour was bad. We'll speak to the parents

Me: "OK"

I'll admit that there was a little butterfly in my stomach when I received the call, that I wanted to rush to Lara and give her a cuddle and give the other child a big scowl and some grumpy vibes. So I asked,

Me: "How about Lara, how's she doing?"

Nursery: "Oh, she's fine. She's no idea what we're
making all this fuss about!"

That's my girl.
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