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Sunday 20 February 2011

The Sunday Review – My Carry Potty

Lara has been trialling the new pink My Carry Potty. At 20 months old, Lara is still on the beginning of her potty-training journey but even in the last few days I have noticed a big change in her behaviour that tells me she is learning to control her own bodily functions. We've had a potty available for her to use for many months now and in the past 6 weeks she has actively sought out the potty

We agreed to review the My Carry Potty because I thought it would encourage Lara to learn. The My Carry Potty has a handle and is a good size and shape for a toddler to carry on their own – this gives them a sense of control and gown-up-ness. It also works extremely well as a travel potty because of it's in-built seal which ensures that when you close the folding potty with liquid contents in it, that there are no leaks.

My angel... she's soooooo ladylike!

The first one of these features certainly did its bit for Lara. She loves having it with her and when she knows that she needs to use the potty, she rushes over and grabs it by the handle and offers me a big smile. I can picture Lara carrying it around with her to nursery, or to friends and family's houses.

The second feature – the portable leak-free travel potty.. well, I remain to be convinced. Yes, I certainly found it to be leak-free and that gives me great confidence bringing the potty and its contents home with us in the car. My only concern really is that the seal is so good that in fact it is incredibly hard to open the potty. Even after ten days of use, the seal is so firm that I need to lever it open with both arms and brace myself against something at the same time. The label does warn you about the strength of the seal, but even so, it did take me by surprise. I certainly wouldn't want to have to open the potty with it full to the brim of urine because of the risk of the potty flying open with the force I had to apply and causing the entire bathroom to get covered in... well, let's just try not to think about it.

Errm.... I know what that face means!

The seal is also too firm for Lara to open the potty herself if she needs to use it.

You can find out more about My Carry Potty on their facebook page or twitter stream.
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