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Sunday 27 February 2011

The Sunday Review – Acorelle Hair Growth Inhibitor

At the start of February, the day after my last waxing appointment, I started using Acorelle Skin Glorifier and Hair Growth Inhibitor. Acorelle claim that after 56 days I'll be able to notice a significant reduction in hair density on my body. OK.

The body lotion comes in a very easy to use pump and is actually quite a pleasant body lotion to use. It has a very savoury scent which doesn't put me at ease or relax me after my shower but I put the savouriness down to the fact that one of the headline ingredients of the body lotion is black truffle extract which has proven hair growth inhibiting properties.

It wasn't clear to me from the packaging whether I should be using the Acorelle Hair Growth Inhibitor alongside my normal moisturising body lotion, or instead of it on my legs and underarms. I have tended to opt for instead of. As a skin glorifier, I'd hope this was the right decision. I feel that skin glorification is quite a bold claim for any body lotion but my impression is that Acorelle believe that once hair regrowth is reduced and the hairs which DO regrow become finer and fewer, that you feel like your skin is healthier, brighter, and generally glorified!

The results: After about a fortnight I began to doubt whether the cream was having an effect so I decided to stop for a few days. After about 48 hours I noticed thicker hairs coming through... eek! So I started using the body lotion again and now, as I approach my monthly waxing appointment, I can confidently say that the hair regrowth has been reduced, but not by as massive a level as I had hoped. Using this lotion I could probably move my regular appointment out by a week for the time being, and hope that the effect would become greater over time. This would save me a small amount of money in salon appointments. At £23.99 for a 75ml bottle, I'm not sure whether to continue using it and find out whether it could really save me money on waxing and shaving in the long term.

Acorelle hair growth inhibitor is paraben, sulfate and pthalate free and is sold by mypure, a natural cosmetics retailer who, month after month impress me with their professionalism and speed of service. Thank-you mypure.
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