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Sunday 6 February 2011

The Sunday Review – Humf IPod / IPhone App

It may perhaps be a bit early in Lara's life to be introducing her to children's Ipod apps? At 19 months old, Lara doesn't really understand the concepts behind even the simplest game and doesn't yet possess the dexterity required to accurately use the touch-screen of my Ipod touch or the self-control or attention span required to really follow a game. That said, she is more than happy to watch Mummy and Daddy play on her behalf and smiles a big beaming grin from one cheek to the other each time she sees me open the new Humf Ipod game.

Humf, if you don't already know, is a top pre-school children's television programme currently shown on Nick Jr. Lara discovered it just before Christmas. We like it because of the bright colours, the funny creatures and the uncanny use of family names such as Wallace (our cat) and Uncle Hairy (Mr B.'s nickname from his cheeky nieces and nephews).

The Ipod game was released last month. It costs just £1.79 and has so-far offered us an awful lot of those beaming grins! Lara smiles the minute she hears the music playing from the Ipod.

The Humf game includes a series of short activities that are suitable for pre-schoolers to play on their own. There is a colouring game which Lara is pretty good at – you select your colour, and then select which part of the picture to fill. The furry thing game is my favourite – you can create monsters with different faces, eyes and bodies! There are also matching games, dot-to-dot, car racing, bathtime shoot-em-up (with a water pistol) and counting. One of Lara's favourites is the balloon game where you have to test your wits by 'blowing up' balloons and letting them go before they pop. Lara likes to use her finger tips to pop the balloons anyway!

You can find our more about the Humf IPhone game at P2 Games and you can buy it from the ITunes Store

Images courtesy of P2 games.
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