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Sunday 6 February 2011

The Sunday Review - mohdoh

mohdoh – It's like bedtime Play-doh! We have been using moh doh as a sleep aid in the Mellow household for the past couple of months. Has it helped to send us all off to sleep?

mohdoh is a soft, mouldable dough which combines colour therapy, aromatherapy and play therapy. They make several different kinds of doh to solve all sorts of different problems, but we have been using the Sleep mohdoh – partly to try and chill out mellow mummy and mellow daddy at bed time and partly to try and help Lara relax and settle when she goes to bed.

Lara hates the stuff! I can't even get her to touch it. I think she finds the smell a bit strong for her (it isn't an overpowering scent but for a tiny nose, it is probably pretty strong). She also gets funny about the texture. You can tell that she is fascinated by it, and wants to try squashing and squeezing it but every time she tries, you can see the 'eeewww' expression sweep over her face, she goes a bit wide-eyed and then drops the doh. I can safely say that experiment was not a success! And so, I have no idea whether Sleep mohdoh can help your little one relax and drift off into a great night's sleep.

For us, it has been a lot more successful. Mr. Mellow and I each kept a tub on our bedside table. The dough is bright purple and is a light doh, much lighter than Play-doh. Just before bed, perhaps while reading a book, or watching TV, I mould the dough in my hands. As you mould it, it releases a blend of essential oils designed to help relax you and ensure a sound night's sleep. Now, I'm not convinced that the parents of a teething toddler could ever have a sound night's sleep, but I can vouch for the fact that the scent is very mellow and that the act of squidging and squashing the dough is therapeutic and relaxing. Just the kind of thing you need to help you zone out in the evenings, especially if you are someone who has trouble winding down, or who suffers from restless sleep and needs help turning it into something deeper.

Over the past couple of weeks our use of the mohdoh has dwindled off. I guess that means that the effect wasn't as great as we had thought – I certainly don't depend on it to ensure a full night's sleep. It still sits on my bedside table but most evenings, I'm quite happy to fall asleep without squidging my mohdoh.

mohdoh is available from some Boots stores. They sell colours to help you quit smoking, calm down, slim, breathe more easily, unwind, think and travel.

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