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Sunday 12 February 2012

Comvita Anti-Ageing Daily Spa Body Wash Review

comvita daily spa body wash
For reasons I can't quite put my finger on, I rarely think about anti-ageing products for my body - I've used Comvita anti-ageing skincare on my face before, but never body. The Daily Spa Body Wash by Comvita is a luxurious yet gentle body wash suitable for daily use because its natural ingredients won't dry out your skin.

For me, the beauty of this product is it's non-drying cleansing effect. I love a good shower gel or body wash but sometimes I have to sacrifice my skin for a nice-smelling or luxurious feeling gel. With this one, theoretically I get the best of both world. The Daily Spa Body Wash comes in a great pump-action dispenser which looks really smart on my bathroom shelf and the body wash itself is a lovely texture... light and silky and yet it provides a good level of foam (given that it is SLS free).

Comvita products generally feature their special Huni-XA manuka honey as an active ingredient that offers anti-ageing properties such as increased elasticity to the skin and this body wash is no different. It also features kumarahou flower extract. The scent is very light indeed, and not as floral or sweet as I had hoped for, but still quite pleasant.

I'm enjoying using this body wash, especially at a point in my pregnancy where I need products which are as gentle on my skin as possible. It leaves my skin feeling soft after use but not 'pampered'; I think it is the lack of a strong scent really that makes me think that way more than the feel of my skin.

You can buy the Comvita Anti-Ageing Daily Spa Body Wash from for around £17.
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