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Sunday 15 July 2012

Alison Claire Natural Cosmetics Review

When I first discovered Alison Claire natural beauty on twitter I was instantly taken by their products - they are just my kind of thing; naturally sourced ingredients for gorgeous-smelling yet effective skincare. Mellow Mummy has been somewhat focussed on the newborn baby element of motherhood recently so, when Alison Claire asked me to review their range, I thought it was an ideal opportunity to bring the focus back to mummies... for a little while at least.

I was in need of a new body lotion and, having been feeling a bit envious of Holly's gorgeous rose geranium scented nappy cream (!) I opted for the much more grown up Alison Claire Rose Geranium Body Lotion which costs £12 for 200ml. The body lotion smells divine - I now no longer have nappy cream envy!

The Alison Claire body lotion comes in a nifty screw-top bottle with a small opening at the top. The lotion is not too thick and not too thin. I find it doesn't absorb well into my skin and feels, for lack of a better word, soapy (I know it isn't soap because all Alison Claire products are SLS and paraben free). This feeling comes from the natural emolliants used in the Alsion Claire body lotion; apricot oil, radish root extract, coconut extracts and some natural antioxidants including vitamins E, B12, and white willow.

I have been using the body lotion all over but particularly concentrating on my arms (which go weirdly dry and bobbly after childbirth it seems) and I'm not wowed by the body lotion's moisturising effects but I do absolutely love the natural fragrance which makes me feel summery.

I have also been trying out the Orange and Patchouli Hand cream. Patchouli is another natural scent that I have always loved - it is a heady and intense fragrance which combined with the zingy orange makes a fabulous earthy smell.

The hand cream is light and instantly absorbed and with active ingredients such as jojoba, cocoa butter and coconut extract it takes care of the skin on the backs of my hands and wrists with gentle natural moisturisers. The orange and patchouli hand cream costs £7.99.

The favourite of the products I tried from Alison Claire has to be the Peppermint Shower Gel (£12). It is fabulously invigorating. With natural peppermint oil and peppermint water it has a clean, crisp smell and leaves your body with a refreshing tingly feeling all over. After showering I feel like I'm lighter (I'm not that grubby!... I just feel all floaty and energised) and I feel like I'm breathing cleaner air! Awesome.

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