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Sunday 15 July 2012

SKEANIE Leather Shoes Review

Lara was asked to try out the gorgeous soft-soled shoes from SKEANIE. All Skeanie shoes are hand-made from leather offcuts which means they are environmentally more sound than traditional shoes. They are soft and designed to protect growing feet.

Lara's foot bones will be just about finished forming now that she has turned three. Until now her feet have been mostly made up of cartilage and with soft bones forming which makes tiny feet prone to damage from pressure and shoes which don't provide enough flexibility.

Skeanie have a small but fascinating range of soft-soled shoes for infants and children. Their Junior range includes boots, shoes and sandals. Lara helped me to choose a pair of very lady-like white sandals (£34.99).

Before the Skeanie shoes arrived I was worried that soft leather shoes for a three year old might look a bit 'earth-mother' but when the shoes arrived my worries were dispelled. The sandals look every bit a shoe and when she wears them Lara looks incredibly grown up. The shoes look incredibly comfortable because they sit softly against the foot rather than supporting the foot itself.

These skeanie sandals are so different to any other shoe Lara has owned and I love that they stand out from a crowd. They are summery and light and perfect for with Lara's party dress. I think they will be perfect for when we are on holiday because we will be spending a long time in the car and don't want Lara to be wearing a heavy, hot enclosed shoe.

The sole of the shoe is bouncy but not as soft as I had imagined - it still feels like a shoe that I would be happy for Lara to spend the day walking in. I love the fact that these shoes are made from offcuts - it saves so much waste and the shoes don't suffer in style or construction. I just wish I'd discovered Skeanie earlier in Lara's shoe-wearing life!

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