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Sunday 22 July 2012

Marks and Spencer Nursing Bra Review

I am a firm believer that you can't beat a pair of M & S pants for quality and comfort but I'd never really tried out their bras before this month, and certainly hadn't dipped into their range of maternity and nursing lingerie until Marks and Spencer asked me to review an item from their nursing bra range.

I tried out the Maternity Padded T-Shirt Nursing Bras which come in a pack of two - I chose them because of the astonishing value - £30 for the pair.  I don't normally go for a white bra and expect to be wearing the black one more often but I do have a couple of summery nursing tops in white for the summer (!) so it will come in useful.

The bras are very very comfortable and the padded cups are invaluable.  Most of my nursing tops are lycra or elastane and I hate going out with the lumps and bumps of breastpads showing but in these t-shirt bras the thick padded cups hold their shape and mean that your boobs look smooth and rounded rather than lumpy and leaky!

marks and spencer t-shirt nursing bra
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As any good maternity bra should, these bras have a nice wide range of fastening loops at the back to allow for your changing shape towards the end of pregnancy and after birth.  The bra design features a very thin line of lace along the top of the cups - personally I think it would look acceptably feminine without the lace but at least the lace isn't itchy.

The drop-down cups for nursing have a very easy to use clip which really is the single most important feature for me on a nursing bra.  I find it very easy to clip them back again with just one hand.  Being a t-shirt bra, the cups are quite thick so you have to fold them carefully out of the way when feeding but they are soft and can withstand a bit of squidging!  The bra is non-wired to protect your breasts during a time when they need as much love and attention as they can get.

I'm really happy with the Marks and Spencer t-shirt nursing bras and I'm certain they will become my essential everyday breastfeeding bras.

The full range of Marks and Spencer maternity and nursing lingerie can be found online and a selection is available in store.
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