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Sunday 29 July 2012

Milton Mini Portable Steriliser Review

I had been expecting to need some form of sterlisation utility to take with us on our Family Road trip across Europe so the Milton Mini portable soother steriliser seemed ideal because it would barely take up any space in our boot.

The Milton Mini is a small ball about 8cm across into which you can place a dummy when you need to sterilise it. The steriliser uses a combination of cold water and a single tiny Milton mini sterilisation tablet.

The Milton Mini has a little fabric handle which allows it to dangle off the handles of a buggy or to attach to your changing bag. I was worried about sloshing water inside the ball but in fact the sphere contains two sponges which absorb the solution and distribute it across the soother.

Sterilisation takes about 15 minutes. As a newbie to cold-water sterilisation I'm not sure whether this is fast or slow! When I'm out and about I think I'd want a quicker turnaround for a soother that needs to be used for an angry baby but then 15 minutes isn't that long in the grand scheme of things and afterwards the dummy is ready for use straight away.

I found the Milton Mini very easy to use, to assemble and maintain. I can imagine it would come in very useful given my previous experience of lost dummies at the bottom of a gungey changing bag. As it is, Holly won't take a soother (despite may attempts when all she needs is to suck on something to send her off to sleep) and so the Mini Milton didn't come with us to Poland but you never know, she may change her mind!

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