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Sunday 1 July 2012

Britax Baby Carrier Review

Baby Holly in the Britax Baby Carrier
Since Holly was just three weeks old I have been using the Britax Baby Carrier to carry her when I am out and about. I always wanted to do the same when Lara was tiny but she hated being in a carrier and I would get stressed putting her into one but this time things are very different - find out why...

One of the main barriers to me using a baby carrier with my first daughter was my own confidence. I found it hard to put a small baby into a carrier without someone around to assist me. The Britax baby carrier is pretty damn easy to put Holly into even with no-one there to help me and so this has given me the confidence to use a carrier more often. Undoubtedly this confidence wears off on Holly who doesn't feel stressed when I put her into it. The front of the carrier flips down to place Holly inside and then I clip the support up around her head.

The Britax baby carrier is suitable for babies from 3.5kg (more or less Holly's birth weight) up to toddlers of 14.5kg. In these early stages, Holly is placed on an insert which keeps her position really high up against me (close enough for me to kiss her head) and, combined with the leg straps for small infants, this ensures that her legs are kept in a safe position to reduce the impact to her hip joints and keep her comfortable when we are on the move.

Mum and Baby bonding in the Britax Baby CarrierAt present, Holly can't keep her head upright so I haven't yet tried her in the forward-facing position but when I do so there is a handy white machine-washable dribble catcher to keep the carrier clean and make it a softer place for Holly to rest her chin and face.

I find the Britax carrier really comfortable to wear. Much more so than I remember my old carrier that i used for Lara. I have done day-long trips into London carrying Holly with me both there and back and have felt fine afterwards. I really like the thick padded waistband that tightens around me - it feels really secure.

The Britax carrier is available in Black, Blue or an Organic light brown. I think they all look very smart and they are all unisex enough that Daddies are happy to wear them too - in fact, I couldn't help but notice that nearly all of the Dads in the movie "What to expect when you're expecting" are sporting Britax carriers! Mr. B is certainly happy to be seen in ours.


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