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Monday 16 July 2012

Holly's Naming Day

This weekend we celebrated Holly's Naming Day. We had a similar event for Lara at about the same age - it's nothing formal, just a good excuse to get as many of our family and friends in the same place at the same time as we possibly can. Towards the end of the afternoon I said a few words of thanks to everyone and we drank a toast to Holly.


We invited all of Holly's cousins (there are quite a few now!) and in the end we cooked a buffet lunch (no chance of a BBQ) for 21 people. I used the event as another excuse to hone my new-found cake-decorating skills. I know the cake decoration is a bit literal in its interpretation of the Holly Button theme but I think the pink (or indeed blue) buttons could work for any new baby cake, don't you?


Holly's naming day was also a good excuse to get the two girls dressed up again. Boots mini club sent us two not-too-formal dresses and I knew they would be perfect for the occasion. Lara's dress is a really light cotton and features a butterfly design in very grown up colours of coral and blue. Holly's dress is a slightly puffed-out blue spotty dress with a white collar - I even finished it off with our own Boots mini club bib!


Holly was a very lucky girl and received some wonderful presents, many of which will last her a lifetime. She also received a gorgeous denim baby jumpsuit from... you guessed it... Boots mini club!
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