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Monday 2 July 2012

Amoralia Nursing and Maternity Lingerie Review

Me and nursing bras have a complicated relationship - all my favourite nursing bras from when I was feeding Lara are dumpy. Comfy but certainly not elegant. I keep trying to resist comfy... I want to do sexy but sexy almost certainly means uncomfortable, doesn't it? Perhaps not. I was lucky enough to be given the chance to review the Cupcake nursing bra and briefs from maternity and nursing lingerie specialist, Amoralia London.

When you browse the Amoralia website you'll notice that all of the nursing bras have a great balance between sexy and functional. I chose the Cupcake bra because it looked as if it would be really comfy (I was right!) and not toooo fancy. It still looked incredibly feminine.

Since it arrived, the Cupcake nursing bra has become my absolute favourite - it really is very comfy to wear which is why I don't just save it for special occasions. When I first tried it, I really felt like I'd gained some of 'me' back and that I wasn't simply a milk machine. The briefs really help to bring that feeling home - together they make me feel good about myself.

The Cupcake bra comes in a few different colours, all a little out of the ordinary. The drop cups have a very easy clip and each cup has a soft support at the front as well as some quite firm support at the sides of your chest.

The briefs have a soft, flexible waistband so they are ideal for wearing under a big bump (or under a slowly shrinking post-baby bulge! Just like the bra, it looks lacey but the lining is a really soft fabric so it doesn't feel rough against your skin. The ensemble certainly gets Mr. B's approval too.

You can find Amoralia London on Facebook and Twitter where there are special offers and competitions as well as lots of breastfeeding and fashion talk.

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