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Sunday 11 November 2012

Born Gifted Christmas Baby Outfit Review

Holly's first Christmas is fast approaching and, I will admit that I'm struggling a bit to come up with ideas for presents - for a second baby who already has a lot of toys and clothes to grow into, I can imaging this is a bit of struggle for many parents. But, there are LOADS of baby gift ideas over at Born Gifted, not just for Christmas but for all sorts of occasions. Or even just because...

For Lara's first Christmas, I bought her a Christmas Pudding outfit and this year, what better Christmas baby costume than this cute, cute, cute Baby Reindeer Coat that Born Gifted asked us to review?

The coat is made by a name I know and love - Gund. Gund are well known for their soft toys but, browsing through the Born Gifted website I can see that they make a lot of christmas costumes - baby santa, baby snowman, baby reindeer!

Holly's coat is made from a really soft faux fur on the outside and a gorgeous red satin on the inside. The hood has a reindeer face and antlers and there is also a tiny reindeer-shaped rattle that attaches to the pocket with a short ribbon that should keep Holly entertained. The piece de resistance is a tiny little fluffy tail at the back of the jacket. Too cute!

The jacket is a single size which makes shopping easier. It is for ages 3 months to about 12 months. Holly is 6 months old now and I think it is going to be a perfect size for her come Christmas Day.

The coat keeps Holly surprisingly warm and I think that she probably won't wear it for long inside on Christmas day but will probably wear it out and about in the run-up to Christmas and on our annual stroll through town after Christmas dinner. is LITERALLY overflowing with great ideas for baby christmas gifts such as 'my first christmas' nik naks or personalised gifts as well as personalised stockings, nativity characters, baubles, money boxes, chocolate and advent calendars. I'm also tempted by lots of their wooden toys and bath toys. Actually, I may have to buy the lot!
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