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Monday 19 November 2012

Poppin Hoppies Family Game Review

We were sent a copy of the new Poppin Hoppies game to review by University Games.

Poppin Hoppies is recommended for children aged 5-10 but the box said it was suitable from 3 years upwards in terms of safety so we tried playing it with Lara. The aim of the game is to catch as many Poppin' Hoppies as you can and for each one you catch, you earn a piece of a puzzle. The winner is the first to complete the puzzle.

The Poppin Hoppies are brightly coloured spring-loaded critters whose springs pop them up at different times. If no-one catches it, the Poppin Hoppie has to be re-depressed and placed back on the board.

The game is very chaotic and involves a lot of laughter and scrambling! Lara enjoys it a lot but she hasn't quite grasped the fact you have to place the critters back on the board if no-one catches them and just goes around sweeping them all up. Us grown ups end up replacing all of the hoppies on the board so are too busy to catch any. Basically, Lara ALWAYS wins!

The board of the game folds but it wasn't able to withstand Lara's over-eager hands and it tore on the first use. Actually this doesn't make much difference to the game play though.

I thought that Poppin Hoppies was a fun game to play because of the shouting and chaos involved but I don't think it will become a classic in our house.

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