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Wednesday 21 November 2012

Kiddy City N Move Stroller Review

As a Kiddy ambassador, when I visited Kiddy HQ in the summer as part of my epic family road trip, I was really excited to be shown the Kiddy City N Move Stroller and couldn't wait to get my hands on it.  The City N Move has now been available in the UK for a few months and here is how Holly and I have got on with it.

I shall be very honest straight away and say that I haven't enjoyed using the City N Move anywhere near as much as I enjoy using each of the different Kiddy car seats I've tried.  Saying that, there is absolutely no denying that it is by far and away the highest quality stroller that I have ever had the privilege to push - the fabric, the chassis, the handles and hood are all thick yet stylish and feel great in your hands.

Assembling the City N Move was quite easy - the wheels just clipped into place as did the bumper bar but the hood I found more tricky.  there seemed to be a lot of places that it needed fastening to the chassis or to other bits of fabric and I still don't think I've entirely got it right.

Kiddy City N Move Stroller in Hawaii Blue
Kiddy City N Move Stroller in Hawaii Blue

I really like the bumper bar as you can just flip it up to get your child out of the seat - no need to remove it.  I'm also extremely impressed by the recline on the seat - it is suitable for use from 6 months; the recline is a single clip at the back of the seat which is outstandingly easy to use, pretty much one-handed. I find that I can quickly move it back to sitting mode when Holly isn't in a sleepy mood.  The lower part of the seat also quickly flips out to provide a comfy leg rest to allow your baby's legs to lie straight rather than dangle down.

The City N Move is described as 'sporty' and 'lightweight' due to its aluminium chassis, but I don't think I agree.  Yes, I find it quite easy to manouvre and yes, it is admittedly lighter than my existing pram travel system but it isn't what I would describe as lightweight.  I actually find it very difficult to get into my car boot because it is surprisingly heavy (8.5kg compared to my old umbrella stroller's 5kg) and despite the small handle on the side, I struggle to find anywhere suitable to grip it when I am lifting.

I also don't like the folded shape when I am carrying it in the car - it is almost triangular when folded and takes up over 50% of my car boot (I have a big estate car).  My double buggy took up less space than this!  I have tried every angle and just can't find a way to get it into the car and still leave plenty of space for shopping.  This is a shame because I do actually like the way that the City N Move folds when I am storing the buggy indoors.  The City N move stands alone on its handles which is a lifesaver as I used to get so fed up of having to store my old stroller on the floor in the hall - this takes up less space indoors!  It is pretty easy to fold and unfold so no worries there.

Kiddy City N Move Stroller Folded
Kiddy City N Move Stroller Folded

The Kiddy City N Move comes with several pieces of kit that you would normally expect to have to pay extra for - a cup holder, travel system adapters (for Kiddy infant carriers but you CAN buy adapters for Britax and Maxi Cosi too), a rain cover and a thick sun hood that comes all the way down over your baby to provide protection from the sun - there is a little viewing window that you can look down on them through!

The Kiddy City N Move really is a mixed bag for me. For every feature I don't get on with (such as the under-seat storage space which I find infuriatingly difficult to store anything in), there is a different feature that I love (such as the nice high -fixed height- handlebars with bouncy soft-grip handlebars).  The Kiddy City N Move costs around £170 and is available in a good range of bright colours.

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