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Wednesday 7 November 2012

Leapfrog Motherboard Event

Over the past year, Lara, Holly and I have been extremely lucky to have tried and tested a number of learning and play products from children's technology specialist, Leapfrog.  I've grown to know what Leapfrog products suit my girls best depending on where they are in their "Learning path" of life and this summer the girls were invited to be part of Leapfrog's Motherboard event at the Museum of Childhood in London.

Motherboard was an exciting opportunity for Lara and her peers to get their hands on the latest and greatest Leapfrog products and to really put them to the test.  The bigwigs from Leapfrog were there to observe how the children interacted with the toys and to feed what they had learned back into the development of toys in the future.  They were also able to show the children how to get the most from the different products and to listen to our feedback as parents.

Leapfrog make learning toys suitable from birth right through to school age children.  Over the past few months we have shared our thoughts as a family on Twinkle Twinkle Little Scout, the Scout and Friends Baby Walker, Tag Junior reading system, My Own Leaptop and the two new TouchMagic products which allow preschoolers to interact through touch and sound.  Lara is now moving up to the Tag reading system and trying out the Leapster GS so stay tuned for more feedback on these preschool Leapfrog products.  Holly is also trying out a couple of gadgets such as the Learn and Groove Music player.

The Leapfrog Motherboard event was a lot of fun and I really hope I can share with you here on Mellow Mummy and over on FamilyTech some of the things I learned about Leapfrog that day.
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