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Sunday 30 December 2012

Mimijumi Bottle Review

I agreed to review the Mimijumi bottle because it sounded like it was the ideal product for me and Holly. I was very slowly moving Holly over from breast to bottle ready for my return to work in the new year but ever since she was about 6 weeks old, Holly has been very awkward when we offer her a bottle; she is definitely more keen on boob! Mimijumi bottles are very simple and are specifically designed for breastfeeding mums who want to be able to offer milk on the move to a baby who would rather feed from the breast.

The Mimijumi bottle is incredibly simple.  Only two parts - a bottle and a 'nipple' which screws onto the top. This makes it quite simple to clean and very simple to assemble.  Even the anti-colic mechanism is integral to the 'nipple' rather than being a separate part of the bottle.

The 'nipple' on the Mimijumi bottle is lightly textured and coloured to look like a breast.  I would say that it is the closest I've seen a bottle come to the real thing!  I also noticed that it is one of only two bottles that Holly has taken to instantly.  Most bottles we have tried (and we did try a lot!) took several feeds before Holly would drink comfortably from them - in some cases she never got used to them which is why we tried lots of different brands.

Mimijumi comes in two sizes of BPA-free bottle (Very Hungry and Not So Hungry).  There are also two different teat flows (slow and medium).  Holly tried the medium flow and I still think this wasn't fast enough for her; feeding her took FOREVER and although she seemed quite happy using the bottle, she began to get fidgety because the feed was taking longer than it would when she was feeding from me.

The bottles are dishwasher safe and steriliser-safe but can't be used in the microwave.  We also found them difficult when we were using formula rather than expressed milk because the plastic cap over the top of the nipple didn't form a full seal and when we shook the bottle to mix the formula, it would inevitably spray or dribble out.

I like the shape and simplicity of the Mimijumi bottle and I thought that the milk-carton-style packaging was a touch of genius but I can't help thinking that the bottles, when tipped up, look very much like a rabbit or hamster bottle!!! For me, Mimijumi is a nice idea but we would need a faster flowing teat for Holly to use these bottles regularly when I give up breastfeeding.

Images courtesy of mimijumi

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