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Saturday 13 July 2013

Dressed like sisters

My two cheeky girls are beginning to get along like a house on fire.  Now that Holly is fully mobile and can keep up with her older sister, the two of them are starting to play together.  There are occasionally arguments (and I know I have another 15-20 years of that to look forward to) but in general the two of them now seem to be on the same wavelength and when you look at them, you know instantly that they are sisters and that whatever plan one of them is plotting, the other one is also party to.

Lara and Holly were offered an item to review from the Tesco F&F range and I knew instantly that they needed another set of matching outfits now that they are partners in crime.

I chose this deep pink and black F&F Rose Print Dress which at between £16 and £18 is one of their top of the range children's items.  The dress is fully lined with a cute integrated net petticoat which gives it some volume; it also comes with a patent pink belt which contrasts beautifully with the dark colour of the dress.  The dress is available online from Tesco F&F girls clothes range in sizes from x months to y years.  I love this dress because it is wonderfully feminine without being pastel coloured... Just what I look for in clothes for the girls.

While I was browsing the F&F range I also spotted these cute toddlers pyjamas ... Perfect for a growing Holly whose legs no longer fit into any of her sleep suits.  These soft cotton PJs cost just 7 pounds and I think you'll admit that they make Holly look even cheesier than she already did!

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