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Monday 29 July 2013

TLC Baby Nasal Wipes and Baby Eye Wipes Review

I'm quite picky about when I will or won't use baby wipes of any sort - as a mum who tries to keep up an even-slightly-green approach to life, baby wipes are a bit of a conundrum to me and I would generally rather avoid using them unless necessary but when I heard about TLC baby wipes, they immediately struck a chord with me so I decided to try them out.

TLC make Baby Eye Care Wipes which are individually packaged so that they remain sterilized.  They are designed for wiping away the goo that collects in your baby's eyes as they nap, or if they have a cold.  They can also be used for wiping away dirt if it gets in their eyes.  They have been specifically tested for use on eyes and they contain chamomile extract to soothe the eye.  They have no artificial fragrances or colours in them but I wouldn't necessarily describe them as all natural as there are other ingredients common to baby wipes.

The reason why they particularly appealed is that I very clearly remember the first week of Lara's life when she had gunky eyes and, as a new mum, I had no idea whether I should rub them or not.  A piece of tissue paper or a baby wipe seemed too harsh to rub on her tiny soft eyelids and I wasn't sure whether water would be effective at cleaning them or whether I should be using something else.  There is something quite comforting about knowing that a product has been specifically tested for the purpose you intend it.  I think that with experience I am probably able to make my own judgements of what to use on the girl's eyes and when but I know very well that eyes are not an area of the body you want to risk with infection or irritation.

This week we have had to use the TLC Baby Eye Care wipes on Holly's eye.  Holly fell from a piece of furniture (she has learned to climb!) and has a very close scrape millimetres away from her eyeball.  The cut healed overnight but the crusty blood and tears had formed a gunky crust over her eyelid so we needed to clean her whole eye area and water just wasn't up to the job.  The TLC wipes did a great job at cleaning her eye and we found them to be very soft so we didn't feel too guilty about rubbing.  Holly didn't find them irritating on the eye.  I think these wipes are useful and comforting but I would suggest they are a luxury rather than a necessity.

TLC also make these Nasal Care moist wipes which are designed for wiping stuffy little noses when they have a cold.  Once again, this is something I've always struggled with as a parent because repeatedly wiping a little nose with a tissue or indeed a wet flannel seems to greatly irritate the very sensitive skin around the base of the nose.  I think the addition of a little menthol is a clever touch (although they may need to be a little stronger to combat some of the stuffy noses we've seen in the Mellow household this past year) and I can see that the addition of Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Vitamin E would help with moisturising the sore nose area and I know from experience that, when your baby is really suffering with a cold, you will look to try any secret you can find to help ease their symptoms.
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