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Monday 22 July 2013

Kixi Razor Mixi Scooter Review

I had been beginning to think that Lara was approaching readiness for a 'big girl's' scooter and so the timing of the arrival of the KIXI Razor Mixi Scooter from Flair was perfect. At 4 years old, Lara has been scooting (or scooterling as I call it) for a couple of years and is phenomenally confident when on a three-wheeled scooter and I had imagined that, within the next year, she may well be ready to move up to a two-wheeled scooter, something that seems as significant in a child's life these days as the day they learn to ride a bike without stabilisers!

KIXI Mixi Razor Scooter From The Front

The Mixi scooter is part of the KIXI Razor range of scooters and the reason why it is such a perfect product for Lara is that it is specifically designed to help children transition from a three-wheeled scooter to a two-wheeled scooter.

The KIXI Mixi arrived in three-wheeled mode. We had to assemble the upright bar (which was easy, and all the tools were supplied in the pack) but soon enough Lara was scooting off into the distance. The scooter seems pretty stable, is a good height for Lara and the wheels are made from a firm plastic compound. Lara immediately found it easy to steer. The most noticeable feature for us was the textured panel on the scooter base which meant that Lara was able to grip the scooter with her feet - something she had struggled with on her first trainer scooter.

KIXI Mixi Razor Scooter From The Side

Within a couple of days of using the Mixi scooter, Lara had gathered from our conversation that it was possible to convert the scooter into a two-wheel alternative - and then she wanted to try it! The instructions recommended that a child might have gained the balance needed to use two wheels by the time they are 5 years old and having just turned 4, I didn't think Lara was likely to be able to manage it. However, the beauty of the KIXI Mixi scooter is that we could try it! Mr. B. adjusted the scooter to two wheels using the spanner etc. supplied and Lara tried the scooter in two wheel mode. It wasn't a great success and she asked for us to put it back again. So we did!

KIXI Mixi Razor Scooter Close Up

Easy. It is such a simple idea that makes this scooter one which will last us quite some time and will see Lara through the next couple of years as she develops her balance and confidence.

The KIXI Mixi scooter costs around £44.99 and is available in both pink and green from, among other places, Amazon.

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