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Saturday 6 July 2013

More Mellow Garden Fun

After 2 years in our house, the Mellow garden is really starting to come together both as a relaxing and safe haven for the two girls to play in, and as an inspiring, easy to access vegetable plot for us all to enjoy planting, growing and then eating our own food.

Recently we had all of our shrub borders ripped up and replaced with topsoil to make vegetable beds and both Lara and Holly have helped me out planting the beds up with our first small season of edible plants.  But, now that the weather is a bit more impressive, the girls most enjoy playing in the garden and this year we have some fabulous toys for them.

Earlier in the summer Holly was given a Chad Valley water table for her birthday by her grandparents and it has proven to be one of the biggest hits ever with both girls.

And this Chad Valley rocking caterpillar was sent to us for review, also from the Argos outdoor toys range .  The caterpillar is such a simple toy but it fits perfectly in our garden (although I must admit that we are currently trying to discourage caterpillars from going near our brassicas!!!).

Both of the girls "wowed" when I brought home the caterpillar from work (it did get some interesting looks in the office where some people thought it was a sledge!) and wanted to play on it straight away.  Thankfully, the good weather has meant that we have managed to get out in the garden after work in the evenings and have a go... both girls prefer to sit on it together!!!

At less than £10 I think the Chad Valley Rocking Caterpillar is a great value garden toy.  Yes, its not the highest quality garden item I own but it is perfect for a single-summer use and I don't mind leaving it out in the garden overnight.  I think the stickers on the eyes and mouth could have been placed with a little more care but the girls don't seem to mind.
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