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Monday 3 March 2014

What to Look for When Buying School Shoes

This post was written in partnership with George ASDA.

It may be a while before the new school year starts – after all, we have another seven months to go before September arrives, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to think about their school uniform until then.  Even Lara, who goes to a non-uniform school has had to have  complete new wardrobe of school clothes already since September because she just keeps on growing! One of the main items that you may have to invest in before the end of the school year is boy’s or girl’s school shoes – not only because the ones they have may be scuffed with the Velcro peeling off, but also because the pair they have may not fit them as well anymore - Lara is already on her second pair of school shoes this year!

When you’re buying school shoes, make sure you know what to look for. Whether you buy girl’s school shoes at George, or you opt for the more expensive high street brands, you will need to keep an eye out for a few features that can guarantee comfort and support for healthy feet.

Remember, when choosing a pair of school shoes, that children’s feet perspire, so the shoes need to be breathable to allow air to circulate. They will no doubt be running around the playground with their friends during every break time, so you can imagine how hot and sweaty they will get. Leather shoes will always be the most ideal for this, as would absorbent insoles.

Using the Clarks Kids Foot Measurer Gauge

Ensure that, when they are trying on new shoes, you can fit a finger between their heel and the back of the shoe, without the child squeezing their feet. If you can’t, they’re likely the wrong size. If possible, have their feet measured so that you have some inkling as to the size they are – you don’t have to go to specialist stores for this either. You can buy a foot measuring gauge to use at home or use an online printable guide, instead.  We reviewed one of these foot measurers last summer and now use it about once a month to check that our daughters' shoes are still the right size.

However, while the tools are available for you to be able to measure their feet at home nowadays, nothing can beat popping to the shop to have a trained fitter on hand to do the job for you – you don’t have to buy the shoes in store if you don’t want to. If possible, have your child’s feet measured once every 3 months; it’s amazing how much they can grow in that time without you even realising.

Once you know the size of the shoes you need, it’s up to you to choose a pair that will suit your child, and your budget, perfectly. Scuff-resistant shoes can look better, for longer, while shoes with a leather upper, such as these leatherbow detail shoes for £15 will allow for breathability. If your child is younger you may wish to stay away from laces (until they are confident to tie them themselves), instead opting for Velcro, or buckles.

Despite misconceptions, smart school shoes don’t have to cost a fortune. As long as you have comfort and support at the top of your list, your children will be running around in a pair of comfortable, stylish school shoes (that aren’t scuffed and off-black) in no time! 
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