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Saturday 19 July 2014

Barefoot SOS, Natural Sensitive Skincare Review

Barefoot SOS is a range of natural skincare products specifically designed for people with REALLY sensitive skin or conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.  The Barefoot SOS range is available from MyPure and this month I have been trying out a couple of these gorgeous natural skincare products as part of the MyPure blogger programme.

Barefoot is a brand I've known about for some time, one of the biggest names in natural skincare, but for some reason or other I've never tried them before.  Although my skin is far less sensitive than it was a couple of years ago, I've got into the good habit of using natural facial skincare products so the Barefoot SOS range seemed perfect.

The Barefoot SOS Soothing Face & Body Wash is a very light, non-foaming lotion which I use as a daily face wash to cleanse my skin in the minutes after I've woken up each morning.  You can also use it as a gentle all-over body wash and in fact, it is suitable for even the most delicate of skin types so I could use it for the girls as a body wash as they both suffer from eczema.

The Barefoot SOS face wash smells totally heavenly with a mix of zingy lemon tea tree oil and floral geranium scents which is one of the reasons why I enjoy using it in the mornings so much - it makes a good pick me up!  Other active ingredients include evening primrose oil and jojoba oil for their moisturising properties and well as chickweed and burdock for their soothing, calming properties.  The ingredients are 98% natural.

Initially I was a little worried that the face wash would be too liquidy and because it is non-foaming I wasn't sure how effective it would be at cleaning away the night's gungy residue from my face each morning.  But I needn't have worried - I think it is a pretty effective cleanser given that it is a natural product with as few irritants as possible.  I think it makes a great facial wash, especially if you have sensitive skin of any sort.  It costs £16 for 200ml.

Next up is the Barefoot SOS Barrier Hand Cream.  I LOVE this!  They call this hand cream "Safety Gloves" because not only does it sooth dry skin on your hands, but it actively protects them against further damage, just like a pair of gloves!

The hand cream is a really nice thick texture, and despite forming a "barrier" over your skin, it doesn't leave your hands feeling greasy, in fact, you can feel it getting to work straight away moisturising the backs of your hands.

As with all products in the Barefoot SOS range, the barrier hand cream is suitable for really sensitive skin conditions.  It is made with shea butter for helping to create that barrier against irritants and against drying agents but also with macadamia, sunflower and jojoba oils for extra moisturisation.

When I first used the Barefoot SOS hand cream I couldn't quite put my finger on the scent.  It isn't floral but then again it isn't really musky... to me it smelled of "plant"!  In fact, the pure essential oils that give it the sent are frankincense and lavender which are both for soothing and restorative properties for both the skin and nails.  The Barefoot SOS Barrier Hand Cream costs £13 for 50ml.

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