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Monday 14 July 2014

Zinc Scooter Review

Let's talk scooters.  And scooter envy.  During the school holidays, Lara attends a holiday club at our school for some of the time.  She absolutely loves it (the novelty of school without school work, I hope, will never wear off) and every morning all of the children arrive on their scooters.  This isn't something we cottoned on to until she had been to holiday club a few times and Lara started pestering to take her scooter.  Once we had let her take her scooter she then pointed out that everyone else's scooter is faster?!?  This summer Lara is absolutely bursting to go to holiday club with her new Zinc stunt scooter and I think that this time, it may be her friends that have scooter envy!

The Zinc Zycho is a stunt scooter.  Not necessarily the first type of scooter that comes to mind for a 5 year old girl but it suits Lara down to a T!  This is the first time Lara has ever shown much interest in riding with just two wheels (she had a two-wheeled scooter but always seemed to gravitate back to her baby sister's 3-wheeler).  The fluidity of movement and the lightness of the Zinc Zycho has given Lara a confidence I never expected.  Lara is pulling stunts.  Swirling, whirling and zig zagging.  I rather suspect that before long she'll be asking me to take her to the skate park in Wokingham.

The Zycho scooter is part of Zinc's phenomenal range of fashionable and groundbreaking scooters and is part of the their Team series of stunt scooters (Zinc do also make scooters specially for grown ups... and for preschoolers).

The Zycho has a nice long deck (Mr. B can ride it too) which is made from really lightweight aluminium.  The y-shaped handlebar is steel which keeps it straight and sturdy.  Lara loved the Zinc branding (not sure she noticed the skull on the clamp) and the striking high-grip design on the deck.  I think she is most pleased with the fact that, as a stunt scooter, she can spin the bar fully around (something I'm sure she has been dying to copy from some of the older children at holiday club).  This scooter not only features alloy wheels(!) and a really flexible deck (they say its the Zinc elements that do it) but a hard-wearing break which is an essential on a stunt scooter (or at least it will be once Lara has learned some proper moves).

Honestly, I'm quite excited about seeing Lara grow into her "real" scooter and start learning some scooter moves, probably more so than I am about seeing her learn to ride a bike without stabilizers (which seems like it might be a long way off!).  Right now, I'm just enjoying watching the MASSIVE smile on Lara's face when she is riding her scooter and I hope she has great fun on it in the playground at holiday club this summer.
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