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Sunday 6 July 2014

Elle Macpherson Heel Smoother Review

Gone are the days when I could afford either the time or the money to spend my saturday afternoons being pampered at the salon.  These days a pedicure is a very rare experience for me and I try to do my best at home.  This natty little gadget is now part of my pedicure routine - the Elle Macpherson Heel Smoother from Homedics.

Now that the summer is in full swing, I do like to wear sandals and flip flops - even to work so my feet need a bit more maintenance.  This Elle Macpherson Heel Smoother is a little electronic tool which you can use to remove dry skin and buff away dry patches and generally give your feet a bit of a polish.  It comes with two attachments, one to scrub the skin and one to buff it.  The heel smoother is battery powered and when you switch it on the head rotates at speed.

There is no doubt that the Elle Macpherson heel smoother takes some of the effort out of buffing the dry skin from your feet.  It is also a bit tidier because the first stage of skin removal manages to capture some of the yucky bits inside its little void - you need to empty it after use.

I found the buffer head to be just as effective as if I had used a manual buffing tool - it comes with a few replacement pads for when they wear down.  I found the scrubbing head a little disappointing though, especially in comparison to the hand-held dry skin remover that my husband uses.  I was expecting the electronic rotating head to make a really big impact... but it didn't.

The Elle Macpherson heel smoother is a smart little gadget and, when it is housed in its lid and standing upright on my dressing table it fits just right in.

The new Elle Macpherson heel smoother by Homedics costs £19.99 and is available from Argos.
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