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Friday 25 July 2014

Salcura Bioskin Junior Bath and Skincare Review

Bioskin Junior is a new range of natural skincare products for babies and children by UK company, Salcura.  The Bioskin Junior range is aimed specifically for children with eczema and severe dry skin which you know by now are occasionally troublesome for both Lara and her little sister Holly.

The Salcura Bioskin Junior range contains at least 92% natural ingredients which means they are a far more natural alternative to steroids and emollient creams. The products are suitable for children and babies from three months upwards and both my 2 year old and 5 year old have been using them for the past few weeks.

Lara and Holly quite enjoy their baths these days and they like to have a nice smelling bath but most bubble baths aren't appropriate as they irritate their skin.  We tried out the Salcura Bioskin Junior Bath Milk which is designed to cleanse, soften and soothe the skin.  It takes the edge off bath water (especially in our hard water area) but unlike some of the grown up bath milks I use, this one doesn't leave a slippery scum mark on the bath afterwards!

I LOVE the scent of the Bioskin Junior bath milk, it is a light, summery scent of the active soothing ingredients Lavender and Chamomile.  The bath milk is ideal for really really sore skin conditions because it helps to fight off infection from open sores and helps to soothe the pain.  I can also smell the calendula in this bath milk which reminds me of the summery smell of my garden right now which is packed full of beautiful yellow calendula plants.  The bath milk costs around £7.99 for a 300ml bottle.

We have also tried the Salcura Bioskin Junior Conditioning Shampoo for babies and children.  Shampoo is a big issue for us because most gentle baby shampoos aren't really very effective now that both girls have quite a head of hair to clean but most of the brightly coloured high-street brands of kids shampoos are packed full of chemicals which definitely contribute to the dry skin on Lara's back and arms.  After a couple of weeks of use, I didn't feel that the Bioskin Junior shampoo was effective on my eldest daughter's hair (it left her hair very tangly) but I think it is great for my youngest daughter as has much shorter hair which doesn't need as much conditioning.

The shampoo also smells of Chamomile and Lavender (but quite as strongly!) and it leaves Holly's hair smelling gorgeous.  It very gently foams on the hair and is easy to rub in to the scalp.  I think it would make a perfect baby shampoo as you can tell it is light and gentle as you use it.  The soothing properties of the natural ingredients would help to soothe cradle cap or dry and itchy scalps in young children.

The Conditioning Shampoo costs around £6.99 for 200ml.

Salcura skincare products are available in pharmacies and online.  The Bioskin Junior range also includes a gentle non-soap cleansing facial wash.  You can follow Salcura on Facebook.

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