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Monday 28 July 2014

Little Live Pets Review

Little Live Pets are small, interactive toys from Character which are designed to encourage interaction and responsibility in children.  Lara was sent a Little Live Pets butterfly a couple of weeks ago and she immediately took up the challenge of making it 'happy'!

The Little Live Pets respond to your child's touch and interaction.  The more you play with it, the happier it becomes.  Lara's butterfly started off with short sharp fluttering movements but after feeding it and playing with it for a few days, the movements became more fluttery and less juttery and it will flap its wings for longer.

When Lara first received the Little Live butterfly she was a little wary of it.  I think she found it very realistic.  The wings of the butterfly are almost paper thin and the movement was unpredictable.  Once she understood that it was responding to her and seemed 'happy' to be touched Lara relaxed and enjoyed herself.

To make it work, you place the butterfly on the palm of your hand and the sensors trigger the movement.  It flaps for around a minute before waning to be fed.  To feed it you place it back on the flower which also acts as a charging point.  After a period of inactivity it will fall asleep.  You can also place it in its own little display mount.

I was worried that the novelty of the Little Live Pet would wear off quickly.  I had been expecting the interaction with the pet to be a little more of a challenge - something akin to a Tamagotchi.  I felt that the Little Live Pets would be suitable for younger children as it really only required two levels of interaction... feed and play.  You don't have to time it for particular times of day or make sure that you remember to attend to it, you simply have to give it a little love and attention when you're around.  I remain to be convinced about the longevity of Lara's interest in her Little Live Pet but two weeks in, she does still like to come back to it when she gets home in the evening and play and feed it nefore her own meal.

Little Live Pets are also available in a bird design; the bird will sing and chirp in response to your touch.

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