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Thursday 3 July 2014

Oilatum Daily Junior Lotion Review

People who have read Mellow Mummy over the years will know that both Holly and (especially) Lara suffer from dry skin on their arms and legs.  I have got their eczema under control over the years by switching to only non-bio detergents and by trying to use natural and organic shampoos, bubble baths and shower gels.  Ordinarily, I tend to steer clear of high street brands when I'm looking for a moisturiser for the girls but Oilatum sent me a sample of their Oilatum Daily Junior Lotion to try out on the girls because they wanted to show me how gentle it was on children and babies.

Oilatum Daily Junior Lotion is quite thick.  Holly loves the texture and will actively seek it out in the evenings to apply to herself.  Lara isn't so keen on the feeling of it, she is very much like her Daddy and only likes using body moisturisers which absorb really quickly - this one does take quite some time and you can feel it on their skin afterwards.

That feeling afterwards is a thin layer of mineral oil which is designed to act as a barrier to prevent further drying of the skin.  I have a mild allergic reaction to some mineral oils but I tried the Oilatum Daily Junior Lotion on my own skin and had no problem at all - in fact, I've found it to be one of the best body lotions I've tried in a very long time and I REALLY like the feeling of the skin on my arms when I wake up in the morning after using it.  Shhhhh... don't tell Holly!

The lotion has a gentle scent that reminds me a little of baby talcs.  I would say that it is a perfect product for Holly who has had occasional dry skin since being a baby and, on a hot day she certainly finds it a soothing end to the day and part of her daily bedtime ritual.  But for Lara, Oilatum Daily Junior Lotion isn't the right product but thankfully, these days, we don't have many ezcema or dry skin issues we have to tackle any more.
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