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Sunday 13 July 2014

Elmer Children's Craft Ideas and Celebrations #Elmer25

You may already know that Elmer the patchwork elephant is celebration 25 years in print this year (if not, where have you been? go read my original Elmer post with lots of fun celebration ideas).

Up and down the country there are Elmer elephant parades taking place - find out at your local library whether there are any activities near you. Here at Mellow HQ we have had our own little celebration of Elmer's birthday, inspired by this downloadable activity pack.

This weekend Lara and Holly made some Elmer bunting to decorate the house.

The girls each made an Elmer mask out of tissue paper and plastic plates and a trunk made out of kitchen rolls.

And this awesome Elmer which Holly made out of a plastic milk bottle!

Our parade around the house was briefly interrupted while Holly and Lara searched for Wilbur the elephant up a tree (read Elmer and Wilbur to find out why!)

If you are looking for other fun Elmer gifts and activities then check out this wonderful giant floor puzzle which has one colourful design on the front, and a black and white design on the back for you to colour in yourself.  Holly LOVES this jigsaw puzzle.


Also on sale this summer is a fun Elmer snow globe into which you can place a photo of your little one.  It is really easy to change the photo inside so you can change it whenever you fancy and see Elmer celebrating with your little one!

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