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Sunday 9 November 2014

Classic Tiny Tears Interactive Doll Review

I can't help but feel rather nostalgic about Lara's new doll - a classic Tiny Tears interactive doll from John Adams. As a girl, about the same age as Lara, I had my own Tiny Tears doll who drank, cried and wetted and who stayed by my side most days and nights until I was in my early teens. For many mums up and down the country, Tiny Tears was a first introduction to role play and the responsibilities of motherhood and now, 40 years since Tiny Tears first arrived, this new classic Tiny Tears doll adds an interactive element.

This Tiny Tears interactive doll is a baby design (they make a toddler doll too).  As well as drinking from a bottle and wetting on her potty, Tiny Tears responds to your touch.  If you press her tummy she cries or asks for "mama" and occasionally giggles.  If you feed her with her bottle she makes a gentle gulping noise.  And if you press the button on her back, she cries tears (assuming she has drunk enough!).

Both of my girls seem most fascinated with Tony Tears' toilet activities; so much so that they will force feed her bottles and bottles of water and then place her on the potty purely for the entertainment factor!  It's the little thinks which make them happiest.

This Tiny Tears doll has a firm body and the main core of the body is very hard which makes it a little tricky to get her baby grow on and off - the girls have to ask me for help.

Tiny Tears interactive comes with a bib, cloth nappy, headband, refillable bottle and potty.  The clothes are all soft and fleecy and make her that little bit more cuddly.

I like the doll's shape and character - her eyes, cheeks and smile really make her feel like she has a character of her own and this sets her apart from other dolls.

Tiny Tears is a perfect size for most doll's accessories such as prams and baths and so she gets a lot of attention in her house.  Now I just need to drop some hints to some talented family members to make her some outfits as cool as the outfits my own Tiny Tears doll had many years ago.

I haven't yet worked out how to switch off the sounds on Tiny Tears - when I tidy her away at the end of the day she starts to cry and I worry that she will wake up Lara or Holly with her crying!

Classic Tiny Tears Interactive costs around £26.99.

Disclosure: We were sent the Tiny Tears doll for review

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