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Saturday 22 November 2014

Le Toy Van Budkins Wooden Toys Review

My girls absolutely love playing with wooden toys - they are always the favourites in our house and at present, the dolls house and this wooden toy hospital are the two toys that really bring my two girls (now 2 and 5) together in imaginary play.

This wooden hospital by Le Toy Van is part of a range of wooden Budkins playsets.  If you;ve never come across Le Toy Van Budkins dolls before then let me explain - they are little wooden dolls with poseable legs and arms and they come in lots of different outfits and styles.  In our house we have a whole host of Budkins fairies and now our hospital comes complete with a nurse and a poor old invalid!

The hospital playset is a really nice chunky toy with some cute little details such as a flippy-flappy door on the entrance to the emergency room, a meal tray for over the hospital bed and a visitor's chair for the ward.  The Budkins patient even has a sling and a plaster on his leg which you can suspend in the air above the bed!

To access the ward inside the hospital there is a really nice big hole in the top of the hospital into which your children can reach to play, there are also large wide doors on each side.  The roof also comes off easily to really open up the space inside.  I can well imagine an entire Le Toy Van town laid out on our playroom floor one day!

As well as the wooden hospital, the Budkins playset range also includes a fire engine, a double-decker bus, a sentry, a farmset and a teepee.  We also love this Budkins Carriage with a Unicorn and a Fairy which was given to the girls by their Grandparents last Christmas.

Le Toy Van Unicorn Fairy Carriage

The Carriage & Unicorn with Fairy playset features a fairy in a glittery dress who sits atop a wooden painted carriage which is drawn by a detachable wooden unicorn with pink felt mane.  Unfortunately, our cat Bella became rather taken with the unicorn so now it's mane is only a couple of millimetres long but it still does a good job pulling the carriage.  At the back of the carriage is a little luggage compartment into which our fairy puts little bits and bobs (like hair clips!).

The Le Toy Van unicorn fairy carriage makes a lovely little playset to make the most of our Budkins collection and it works really well as an accompaniment to a fairy castle that we also play with.

You can buy Budkins dolls and playsets online at a number of specialist toy retailers such as and

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