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Thursday 13 November 2014

Splash About at Christmas

It's funny, swimming doesn't cross many people's minds as a particularly Christmassy activity but when Splash About contacted me to ask me to spread the word about keeping kids swimming over the Christmas holidays it made me think that maybe we are the odd ones out to find swimming so much part of our big family break at Christmas time.  Well, I'm here to tell you that it is, indeed, a fantabulous thing to be considering over the festive period!

For us, Christmas time is the single biggest break from work that myself and Mr. B get all year.  Two whole weeks to spend with our girls and with our wider family.  We like to get up to as many family activities as possible over the Christmas break but swimming is our number one choice.  It is local.  It is fairly cheap (especially given that our local council offer free swimming sessions for children during school holidays).  It is brilliant exercise (allows you to work up an appetite for more festive food). And best of all, the girls absolutely LOVE swimming.  During the Christmas holidays you will be surprised how quiet and inviting your local pool is - it is a great opportunity to get out and get swimming!

My Splash About Hot Picks
This Christmas, one of the girls' presents each will be a brand new swim suit and a new pair of goggles each.  Something fresh and new to start the new year with.  Discovering the Splash About float suit earlier this year has been life-changing for Holly.  At 2.5 years old she swims confidently (and quickly) unaided thanks to her Splash About float suit (pictured top left) which contains removable foam floats that allow you to manage your child's buoyancy as they learn to swim.

I built up this Splash About mood board with some ideas of our favourite Splash About swimming items for children and our favourite designs and patterns (mine are very girly picks for Holly!)  We love these Goggles because they are suitable for babies right up to 6 years old so they are suitable for both of my girls and make great stocking fillers.

We are looking forward to trying out the innovative Splash About Fings which is a clever flotation device.  Half-float, half-arm-band designed to support toddlers from below and help teach them to be buoyant  This could be another life-changing Splash About gadget!

And of course, don't forget the classic Splash About Happy Nappy.  No baby should be without one of these clever neoprene nappies which give you the confidence to go swimming without worrying about the contents of your little one's nappy.  We've worshiped the classic Happy Nappy for over 5.5 years now.

If you've never considered taking your children swimming over the Christmas break before, there is no better time.
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