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Tuesday 18 November 2014

Wonderous Ink Personalised Children's Book Review

Wonderous Ink personalised children's books are just a little bit different from most personalised books that I've seen before. In Wonderous Ink story books, your child's name becomes part of the adventure and the letters are used to craft a tailored story where the letters become part of the illustrations and the tale itself. Lara and Holly both had personalised Wonderous Ink story books made up for them.

The story in each of their books starts and finishes in much the same way with a little girl going on an adventure but the main part of the story differs because Lara's story features pages and text for the letters L A R A and Holly's story features a totally different set of pages to correspond to the letters in her name. The girls think this is absolutely fascinating and love listening to each other's story to hear how they differ.

The books arrive in lovely little parcel packages which I think would look great given as a gift or posted straight to your child of choice! The books are suitable from about 2 years to 8 or 9 years old but I think they would also make a lovely Christening or naming gift.

At the end of the adventure your child's name is spelled out using the themes of each of the sections of the book - a descriptive word for each letter of their name is used to sum them up. Lara has recently been learning about adjectives at school so she very much enjoyed finding out about what each of the words for her name meant. The pages for that word in the book use a little tale (featuring a guest character) to explain what's so great about that word and letter.

I found the story itself a little hard going for Holly and Lara. It isn't short or punchy enough for either of them really. I also found the attempt at rhyme a little wearing (in fact, it took me a good few pages before I realised it was even supposed to rhyme!) and to be honest, I think (as the person reading the books!) that I'd have preferred it to be prose rather than poetry. Saying that, both girls found their stories magical and I'm sure they will go back to them time and time again over the years ahead of them - these personalised books aren't meant to be a one-off bedtime story.

At the back of each book there is a secret code which your child can use online at to register for their own Wonderous World; this currently consists of a little additional few excerpts for the end of the story and a quiz about the story to make sure they were paying attention!

Wonderous Ink personalised story books cost £19.99 and can be created and personalised online. The books are beautiful quality and the images and text are clear and bright and bold - perfect for children.

I think the magic of Wonderous Ink stories is in the letters and words that escape from the page and really get your child thinking about how special their own name is.

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