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Wednesday 12 November 2014

Color Me Mine Girls Bag Review - Colour-your-own activities

Color Me Mine bags are fun stencilled bags with designs that your child can colour in to their own tastes using the supplied felt tip pens.  Lara was sent a Color Me Mine Hipster Bag with Glitter to colour in and try out - she absolutely loved creating her own fashionable look.

Color Me Mine bags come in quite a large range of different bag styles ranging from about £7.99 to £16.99.  There are lots of different shapes and sizes, each with a bold pattern which can be coloured in using the special pens.  The pens are designed to effectively paint the area of fabric within the borders of the bold black stencilling and they bleed naturally to the edges, there is an element of colour-fastness to the bags - the pens are permanent but probably best to avoid taking the bags out in heavy rain or putting them through the wash!

Lara's hipster bag is a fully functioning bag.  Nice and compact.  Perfect for taking a few bits and pieces out with her when she goes to holiday club or visits family.  She had so much fun colouring the bag in - trying to decide which colour to choose for each new section.  Some of the areas on the bag required very fine motor skills so Lara asked for help filling the finer areas of detail.

Color Me Mine bags are largely intended for creative young girls (aged about 6-13) who like to add their own stamp to their style.  Alongside the abstract patterns there are also animal and bird scenes, citiscapes and well-recognised characters such as Disney princesses and Monster High.  I think it's an awesomely well-targeted range of bags and I can well imagine Lara choosing to have an entire wardrobe full of these to suit her mood!

My only niggle (and I'll add that it isn't one that Lara shares with me) is that the novelty of colouring in her own bag only lasted an hour or so.  Yes, she gets to use her own creation whenever she fancies it from now on but I wish I could have dragged out the magic of the colouring experience a little bit longer... she wanted MORE to colour in.  Maybe to colour in both sides of the bag? Or some further accessories?

Color Me Mine bags are available from amazon, Argos, Smyths, Toys R Us and a number of other retailers.

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