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Sunday 2 November 2014

Peppa Pig GoGlow Night Bright Light Review

Today has been a loooong day.  Lara and Holly have been hard work from the very moment they woke, until the moment they finally crashed.  At bedtime, after reading a mountain of stories, confiscating an "uncomfortable" duvet cover and resolving a giraffe/elephant dispute I finally resorted to threatening a visit from the "bedtime monster" if they didn't quieten down and go to sleep.  Bad Mummy.  It worked though!  Thankfully, the girls now both have these GoGlow night lights from Worlds Apart so I know that they are now not really worrying about monsters in their room and seemed quite happy for me to leave them with the lights gently glowing in their room.

GoGlow Peppa Pig Night Light

The GoGlow Night Bright Light acts as both a night light and a torch and it is so easy to use that even Holly at 2 years old is able to operate her GoGlow on her own (it is suitable from 12 months upwards).  The GoGlow is available from WorldsApart in lots of different designs including Peppa Pig or Thomas the Tank Engine and my girls LOVE their Peppa torches and have been known to spend quite some time in the morning waving them across the room at each other!

The GoGlow is rechargeable and sits on its own compact base to charge it.  You can leave it there overnight, or lift it off and place it wherever you fancy.  When it is resting upright on a hard surface, the upper part of the lamp glows to reveal Peppa and George but when you lift it up, the light moves to the base where it acts as a bright torch.  Lara likes to use it to play games in her room during the dark evenings!  To switch it on and off you simply press the base.

Holly has been suffering with restless nights over the past month, sometimes waking as often as every 20 minutes due to teething pains from those pesky back teeth.  It has been great to have the GoGlow available for us to switch on, either to soothe her, or else simply to get enough light in the room to see what we are doing when we go through to her, without disturbing her too much.  The light is bright without being harsh.  There have also been times recently when Holly has woken up shouting for us, to tell us that she doesn't want the lion/elephant/rhino/other large safari animal and has settled back down again quickly once we switch on her night light for her.

As a torch (for use inside) I think it the GoGlow is excellent because it is chunky, and easy for the girls to hold and control.  As a night light I think it is also pretty awesome as it has enough charge to last all through the night (although in my ideal world it would sneakily switch itself off after the girls have fallen asleep).

If your child is showing signs of being afraid of the dark then a little night light like the GoGlow is a great way of helping to prove there are no monsters (especially, if like me, you are the one responsible for making them think that there are!).  Tonight, I have just checked in on the girls and found them settled and peaceful!

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