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Sunday 27 September 2015

Autumn Inspired Craft Ideas from Yellow Moon

Autumn is well and truely here. Today was a gorgeous warm autumn day with yellow sun, falling leaves and just a hint of winter in the air as the sun set. I love this time of year and the autumn colours and shapes feature a lot in Lara's school work right now. But autumn days aren't always as warm and sunny as today so you can't always get out to play in the leaves or explore the hedgerows which is why these find craft ideas from Yellow Moon are so appreciated - you can bring the autumnal feel inside without the need for wellies and coats!

Lara and Holly enjoy craft activities and are just starting to work together as a team.  Today they have been making 3D family trees from soft foam pieces.  I provided them with lots of little head-shots of all of their family members and then the two of them worked together to build autumnal photo frames featuring all their closes family.  Lara helped Holly to peel back the stickers.  It was great to see them working together to make a construction that they could both be proud of.  I'm sure you could make something similar with real leaves but this seemed so easy to do and it didn't involve any glue!  Phew.  A set of 3 of these 3D photo frames costs just £3.95.

Another favourite from the Yellow Moon range of autumn craft activities is this stained-glass effect hedgehog kit.  The kit comes with lots of different colours of cellophane which you can cut out and stick over the holes in the hedgehog shapes.  Tie one of the different coloured ribbons to your finished creation and hang from a window to make the most of the autumn sunshine.

Holly was very proud of her creation, especially so when she saw it light up against the window.  This was a great exercise in glue-rationing for her!  Normally Holly goes crazy with the glue but she very soon discovered that too much glue doesn't work well for these delicate stained-glass cut-outs; I was impressed at how carefully she approached her second attempt.  This kit contained 6 hedgehog shapes so the girls got to make several different colours.

Don't forget that you can earn between 5% and 20% cashback for your school on most Yellow Moon purchases - if your school or PTA isn't already registered, why not drop them a hint?
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