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Tuesday 15 September 2015

Back to School with Vosene Kids

So, the school term is back in full swing.  Beaver scouts term has started.  Swimming lessons have started.  It's all go in the life of a 6 year old.  This time last year I can clearly remember the added stress for the new school term of headlice.  Interestingly though, they came from Holly's nursery and I really wasn't prepared for my first experience of lice!  This year we are far better prepared with the Hair Heros from Vosene Kids.

The Vosene Kids advice centre has several tips for how to prevent and treat headlice.  I'll admit that, after last year's experience I have become a bit obsessed with checking the girls heads so that I can spot them early.  Number one on our list of defences this year is the Vosene Kids advanced conditioning defence spray which is packed full of tea tree essential oils.  Headlice hate tea tree oil but thankfully, I LOVE the smell of tea tree which is a strong, medicinal smell.  We use the spray after each wash instead of a traditional conditioner and it helps remove tangles as well as coating and scenting the hair.  It took me a few uses to get the right amount on (not enough = too many tangles, too much = heavy shiny hair).

Next up is the Vosene Kids Lice Repellant Conditioning Shampoo with citronella.  I know citronella more for its mozzie-repelling properties than headlice!  It is a nice light shampoo which seems to suit both girls well and leaves the hair clean.  I think I'd still want to use a conditioner or a spray afterwards as well.

Hopefully this autumn we can avoid the arrival of headlice but at least this term I am prepared.

For more advice on tackling the risk of back-to-school headlice and for your chance to winone of over 5000 Vosene Kids mini sets (perfect for use after swimming lessons!), visit the Vosene Kids Back to School hub.

Disclosure:  I was sent a bottle of each product for review.  So headlice!
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