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Sunday 20 September 2015

#StreamTeam Project Mc² - Science Skillz

Lara doesn't very often get her way when it comes to deciding what to watch on Netflix - she often gets overruled by her little sister.  But very occasionally, Lara does get a bit of quiet time all of her own to enjoy something a little more grown up.  Recently, Lara has been watching the first three episodes of the Netflix original series, Project Mc².

Project Mc² is a US high-school based series about four top-of-the-class girls who have awesome science skills.  The girls are recruited to join a secret spy organisation where they can each make the most of their specific areas of expertise.  Think Avengers for pre-teens!

The appeal for Lara of Project Mc² is in the fact that the girls McKeyla, Adrienne, Bryden and Camryn are all a bit older than her and the US classroom is something totally alien for her!  I'm not sure Lara notices the not-so-subtle messaging about girls in science.  As a female engineer myself, I don't need convincing to encourage science and maths skills in my daughters and, so far, Lara is oblivious to the fact that a career in science (or indeed espionage) is still considered unusual for young ladies.  Even though I find the all-female crew of spies in Project Mc² a little off-putting (and unrealistic) it is good to be able to share a story with Lara in which tech and action are strongly associated with females.

Lara very much enjoys her weekly computing lessons at school (with me and Mr. B. for parents, I'd be disappointed if she didn't!) but she also enjoys science lessons and at the weekend we like to conduct our own experiments such as volcano-creation or chemical food reactions.  We are working on Lara's science skillz! The four main characters in Project Mc² each have their own skillz too.  From culinary creations to motor enthusiasm, from digital media to mechanical pencils, the four girls have all bases covered.  Of course, there is your fair share of high-school cutsieness and "cool" to set the scene but there is a little bit of action too and this helps shape the story of each episode.  To be very honest, it makes me cringe but, when I watch it, it reminds me a lot of the types of programmes I enjoyed in my pre-teens so I'm going to leave Lara to it!

The first three episodes of this Netflix original series are now available in the UK.  There are spy activities and missions to complete on the Project Mc² website too.

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