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Tuesday 22 September 2015

Casdon Little Learners Toy Post Office Review

Postmaster Holly is in the house!  Holly is absolutely loving this toy post office from Casdon Little Learners - it is a chance for her to boss us about and play the boss!

Role play and imaginative play is a very big part of Holly's day right now.  Every evening when I pick her up from nursery I see her playing 'mums and dads' or 'babies' or 'teachers' with her friends.  At three and a half, this is the stage in Holly's life when she will learn simple life skills through mimicking others and so we are more than happy to let her boss us about.  One of Holly's favourite activities at the weekend is to come with me to the post office at the end of our road and then run home again so she was super excited to own her own post office counter!

The Little Learners post office toy contains everything Holly needs to run her own post office including basics for sale from her own little shop.  The set comes with a set of postal consumables such as stamps, air mail stickers, envelopes and paper as well as a couple of small parcel boxes.  There are newspapers and postcards for sale too!  It is fair to say that Holly worked her way through the consumables very quickly - the envelopes were all "written" on and the stamps and stickers all used within a couple of days.  Even the postcards had been written and posted!  Thankfully the set includes spaces big enough for full-sized notepaper, postcards and envelopes so we have been able to top up with our own stationary from home and Holly has raided her stash of stickers to use as stamps!

The set includes a simple weighing scale onto which you can place parcels and look at the indicators on the scale.  Holly has great fun when I bring her all sorts of items from around the house that she can weigh and tell me how much she wants to charge me.  The toy post office comes with pretend money - both notes and coins that Holly likes to exchange with me and count out my change.

There is, of course, a miniature post box as part of the set, into which the postcards and mini envelopes can be posted.  I'm not sure Holly has yet worked out what is intended to happen once the letters are posted...magic, I think!

The part of the post office set that Holly most enjoys is the pretend stamp pad - every letter we take to her for posting needs her stamp of approval before it can be posted.

I'm really pleased with the way Holly has embraced this set - I always enjoy seeing Holly take things seriously (it doesn't often happen).  I find the set to be a bit small and fiddly but it is the perfect size for her little hands to practice fine motor skills and it also means that the whole set is compact enough to sit on a coffee table or workbench.

Holly and Lara love playing post offices together and they take it turns to play the customer or the postmaster.  The Casdon Little Learners Post Office costs around £12.

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