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Tuesday 29 September 2015

Rainbow Bedroom - Getting started with our latest DIY project

Well, it has finally started.  Mr. B. and I have started work on our latest DIY project - a total change of style for the girl's bedroom.  Goodbye girly pinks and purples, hello Rainbow bedroom! I've been collecting ideas for a few months and finally we have taken our first steps to making it happen. We've sanded, filled and scrubbed the walls ready for painting.  I can't wait to share it with you when we are done (P.S. this could be some months away!)

It is going to be a massive change to Lara and Holly's bedroom but with really minimal effort.  Mr. B. and I have so little spare time at the weekends that we can only manage a few small tasks every weekend and it may take us some months to complete but we are planning on simply re-painting, fitting a new curtain pole and curtains, replacing the plug sockets, installing a smoke alarm and then adding in a bunkbed and a wardrobe to keep the room tidy and simple.

Because we don't have a lot of time or cash to spend on home improvements, we have opted for some simple DIY hacks.  We've chosen white walls which means we can buy plain white emulsion paint in bulk to save a few pennies.  We've also roped the girls into sanding and washing the walls! Rather than painting a rainbow mural, I'm planning a stick-on wall decal.  We've also collected a few

Mr. B. is desperate to get the girl's bedroom done and dusted so that we can move on to our grander plans.  I think he is struggling to get into the mindset of a quick bedroom re-paint when he knows that we have a lets-knock-all-the-walls-down-and-spend-our-life-savings type of project just ahead of us.

We are planning on opening up the whole of the downstairs of our house and adding a conservatory.  Obviously it is going to take some planning and a couple of years of heavy saving to make it a reality.  When you're planning a home improvement project on this scale, you need to think about the impact on your house insurance and your mortgage so it isn't a project that we undertake lightly.  I don't think that our grand plans for the downstairs of the house will be do-it-yourself though, it seems like a bit too much for us to take on.  For now, I'm just trying to concentrate on getting the girl's bedroom complete and saving those pennies for our future building project!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but that doesn't stop it being fun to read. DIY updates coming soon!
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