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Tuesday 1 September 2015

#Streamteam :: The Post-Holiday Wind-Down

This has been the best summer school holiday yet.  This summer Lara has managed to cram in:-

* A week exploring in the Lake District
* Disney magic in Paris
* Tie-dying
* Swimming, Paddling
* Water-fights
* Ice skating
* Cinema
* Zoos and wildlife parks
* Bowling
* Visiting friends, hosting friends
* Birthday parties
* Grandparent days
* Baking

... and a whole host of movies.  To be honest, after last week's Disneyland exploits, we are all still mightily exhausted.  Upon our return from holiday, all any of us wanted to do was to curl up on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn and watch Disney classics on Netflix.  Pochahontas, Mulan, Cinderella and a bit of Mickey's Christmas thrown in for good measure!

Lara goes back to school this Thursday and I'm going to miss her (and Holly) a lot.  Mr. B. and I have taken off quite a lot of time from work this summer to spend with the girls and we've enjoyed (almost) every minute.  These last couple of days we want to be relaxing and stress-free to allow the girls (and us) to rest and recover before the return to school, nursery and work.  What better way than to explore some of the new films and series now streaming on Netflix?

Lara has just discovered the new Netflix show Project Mc2 which we will be blogging about soon; its about a group of girly teenagers showing off their maths and science skills with some exciting (yet practical) applications.  I think Lara now wants to be a spy too!

Holly is still very much into animations and is enjoying the luxury of being allowed to watch television during the day when she would normally be at nursery.  Her current favourite Netflix shows are The Hive (bumblees have always been a favourite of hers) and Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures which are all sickeningly sweet and pink and girly (exactly the life-stage Holly is going through right now!!!)

Also new on Netflix right now are a few new episodes of and also Dinotrux which I think looks awesome, but which Holly won't let me play!

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