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Monday 14 September 2015

Snugrugs Zara Children's Sheepskin Boots Review

Lara is increasingly more aware of fashion and these gorgeous purple Zara Kids Sheepskin Boots from SnugRugs are exactly the style that fashion-conscious little people are looking for this Autumn.  Lara couldn't conceal her enormous smile when they arrived.

SnugRugs are specialists in Sheepskin and leather home accessories, clothing and footwear for both adults and children.  These snuggly kids sheepskin boots are one of a couple of styles of winter boots for older children (they're available from infant size 6 through to adult size 2) but SnugRugs also sell sheepskin booties for much tinier feet too!

Lara has owned boots in in the past and I've learned that Sheepskin boots are surprisingly resilient to poor weather (even more so if you treat them with specialist boot protector product) so they really are appropriate as winter boots.  I wouldn't necessarily want Lara to be stomping through muddy puddles in these gorgeous purple boots, but I'm happy to let her wear them out and about without having to worry too much.

Inside, the boots are lined with a soft fleece, also in purple (the Zara boots are also available in black, chestnut brown, chocolate brown and grey).  Outside, the sheepskin is soft to touch and is decorated with a little bow on one side of each boot.  These Snugrugs boots are excellent quality - I'd say better than the big brands Lara wore when she was younger - and I think that comes, from the fact that these boots have a thick, sturdy sole and the stitching seems strong enough to withstand clumsy hands pulling the boots on and off.

Lara fell instantly in love with these boots (a relief, as she is incredibly fussy about shoes).  Now I just have the difficult decision about whether or not to let her wear them to school.  Lara goes to a non-uniform school and I've always said that I'd try and steer her away from high fashion while she was at primary school to avoid arguments and competition.  These boots may not provide a lot of support for the foot but they just look ideal for cold winter days... I'll have to see how that decision goes as the weather gets colder!

Disclosure: We were sent the boots from SnugRugs to review but all opinions our our own.
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