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Tuesday 6 April 2010

The Bright Pink, Dog-Hair-Laden Carpet - The Gallery

While trawling through my photo collection trying to find something to fit the 'Ugly' theme for this week's photo gallery at Sticky Fingers, I came across a photo of our stairwell taken on the day we moved in (almost exactly 5 years ago) - it actually made Mr. B. exclaim, "ugly carpet"; so that was it, decision made. I know its not a very exciting picture but its a fitting way for me to start telling you about our slow first steps towards moving house this year.

It took us over 3 years to get rid of that ugly bright pink, thick-pile, dog-hair-laden carpet! As it turned out, it was the very last bit of the house that we got around to decorating. After 3 years, the day that we ripped it out was a day of celebration (and the day our house no longer smelled of someone else's dog).

We finished decorating the hallway just after I became pregnant with Lara. In fact, it was when I was at the top of a ladder painting the ceiling that it dawned on me that the feelings of nausea I was experiencing may not have been entirely down to paint fumes. And this is the finished product... much more pleasing, I'm sure you'll agree.

Now that we have finished decorating the house, and now we've had a year to enjoy it in its completed state, it is of course time for us to move on! Over the coming months I'll be posting more about our move but for the time being we just have to make the house presentable which is easier said than done when you have a 9-month old baby wreaking havoc throughout the place.

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