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Friday 2 April 2010

What would you be doing right NOW if you weren't reading this blog post?

What would I be doing right NOW if I weren't writing this blog post?

I am supposed to be creating a new website for a friend and each evening, once Lara is asleep, I sit down and start work at the laptop only to be drawn back into the world of blogging – somehow writing real words seems more cathartic in my evenings than writing code (which is, after all, what I do all day).

My complete inability to concentrate on the website rather than the blog made me wonder what I would normally have been doing at the times when I now blog. Friday nights are usually reserved for tasty (normally easy) food, good wine (and a few aperitifs!) and plenty of television. On a normal week (i.e. not a bank holiday weekend), Friday is the night when we chill out and try not to worry about the huge number of jobs we have to do over the weekend, and try to forget about the stresses of work.

In the past I would have spent the whole evening with a drink in my hand, vegetating in front of the television. Now, I drink less (partly due to the new year's diet resolution to lose weight, partly due to the fact that if I drink huge amounts then the blog writing doesn't go that well!); so that's good news – blogging makes you healthier.

The TV is still on but I just don't pay very much attention to it! I know that Mr. B. has developed an alarming interest in Embarrassing Bodies on channel 4 but I wouldn't be able to tell you what else is on each Friday night. Another plus – blogging stops you from being a TV junkie.

The other thing I like to do on a Friday night is to curl up on the sofa with Mr B. and have a snuggle. Blogging does rather get in the way of that. Hmmm, blogging certainly reduces snuggling opportunities.... must sort that out.

So, tell me, what would you be doing right now if you weren't reading/writing blogs?
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